Air Veterans Association

Terms and Condition

  • is a Website maintained and managed by Air veteran Association based in Medchal Malkajgiri Telangana.
  • Our services are broadly based on the welfare of the retired Air veterans and try to support them in any manner they need. We also provide support and help to the widows of the Air Veterans and will gradually expand our helping hand.
  • Air Veteran Association has the total copyright of all the content published on the website on this website and has the right to take legal actions against the person who will be guilty of theft, plagiarism etc.
  • Air Veteran Association has board of directors and elected members and dedicated management group. So never fall prey to some third person offering services in the name of Air Veteran Association if he/she is not one of the registered members.
  • Payment must be made to Air Veteran Association for any membership subscription. Air Veteran Association will not be liable for any payment made to any third party.
  • Air Veteran Association does not charge any money for any other reason except the membership charges. So, please save yourself from falling in any such trap.
  • Any complain regarding the service provided by our employees must be brought to notice of the administration.
    Bribing in the name of Air Veteran Association is strictly forbidden and if any client comes through such situation, he/she must inform the administration.
  • Air Veteran Association does not support any social, political, religious groups and is free from funding from any such sources. We do not support any ideology and propaganda.
  • We assure that no Child Labour is employed at our workplace.
  • If any employee of Air Veteran Association is ever suspected for any crime, we promise to offer full support to the administration for investigating the crime.
  • We at Air Veteran Association strictly discourage discriminations on the basis of caste, sex, creed, race, religion, colour and promise to abide by the same when dealing with our employees and clients.
    Air Veteran Association will be accountable to its working and earning and we promise to provide the audit report of the year when needed.
  • We pledge to work religiously and will strive to satisfy our clients in every possible manner.