Air Veterans Association


We have made this made for your convenient browsing of information on our website. A detailed list of all the important words used in the website are explained here.

"Branches" means the representative organization offices at State or Regional Level and "Chapter" rneans offices at District level. Branches will be responsible to maintain contact lvith the members of the AVA in their respective areas of jurisdiction and for ihe Chapters operating in their area of responsibility.

"Family" means wife, children including legitimate, step and adopted children - both male and female children up to the age of 25, if unmarried. However, grant of assistance will not be applicable for any ward on becoming financially independent.

"Dependents" mean parents, who on verification, are established to have been solely dependent on the member.

"Distress" means the state of loss of property caused due to one or more of the following reasons :-

"Next of Kin (NOK)" means relatives (linear or collateral) of a deceased personnel, among whom his property is distributed, the personnel most closely related to an individual by blood or marriage, or a legal ruling, or a kin of the same kin.

"Ex-Gratia Relief' means an immediate onetime financial relief given to the SPOUSE on demise of a member. However, if the spouse had already expired prior to the demise of the member, the Ex-Gratia Relief will NOT (R) NOT be given at all.

"Special Children" means children who find it difficult to adapt to normal activities and need extra or different help from others. Their progress is slower or is at a different rate as compared to children of same age due to a disability which could be physical / sensory / linguistic / health / cognitive impairment or any combination thereof.

"Relief' means assistance given as a grant or gift for relief of distress. lt may be given by paying money in lump sum or by instalments spread over periods as prescribed by the concerned authorities or supplied in kind such as sewing machine, hosiery machine, artificial limb / der,,ices / surgical appliances etc.

"Member" means an admitted person to AVA on conditions as laid down in this Charter and including one who is deenred to have agreed, at the time of his entry, to accept the Governing Body, i.e. Central Committee of AVA, as the paramount and appellate body in governing the entire affairs of AVA, acting on his behalf and representing him all along in taking decisions or dealing with any rnatter what-so-ever concerning AVA"

"Donation" means money voluntarily given by members to the Corpus of the AVA and receipted as such with the express desire of the contributor to become a member of the AVA.. "Donation" may also be given by non-member well-wishers as a gesture of good will to the Corpus of the AVA and receipted as such.