Air Veterans Association

Membership & Subscriptions

As a non-profit organization we always welcome support from every group of people. We will be highly pleased and thankful to see more and more people joining our organization for service the cause.

All serving rnembers of lndian Air Force after their retirement will be granted voluntary membership by paying one time subscription fee as given in the subsequent para under heading 'Subscription'. The Association consists of three kinds of members.

Life Membership

Any person, who has served in the lndian Air Force as an officer, airman or NC(E) for the duration of one year or more (whether continuously or in broken periods) excluding the period of initial training, if any, or has retired/ released/ discharged under normal course therefrom (not dismissed I cashiered after due trial) may apply in writing to the Secretary, to be a life member of the Association, giving full details of his service in the Air Force, the rank held by him, his trade/ branch, service number and the date and manner of his retiremenUdischarge.

The spouses of the deceased Air Force Personnel (death while in service) / AVA members will automatically be entitled to become a life member without payment of any subscription. The spouses will, however, need to apply for the same.

Spouses of deceased non-AVA members are entitled to become AVA members on payment of nominal Fee (as given in subsequent para under the head ing'Subscription').

Dependents of deceased parents who are in receipt of any form of Air Force pension, are also entitled to become AVA members on payment of Rs. 4001- (for Non AVA members) and without payment (for AVA members).

An application received from the individual for admission to the Life Membership of the Association shall be approved at the discretion of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee at its discretion may authorize the Secretary to accord approval on their behalf. The nanre of the applicant for Life Membership, on payment by him of ihe subscription as may be specified in the Rules and Regulations and may be revised from time to time, is to be entered by the Secretary in the Register of nrembers anC the applicant shall then becorne the Life Member of the Asscciation. A life member (including spouse members) shall have the right to attend all General Body Meetings of the Association and to vote there at.

All members wil be issued a membership card. This card will, however, not entitle them to any privileges enjoyed by Ex-Servicemen or dependants.

Honarary Membership

Any person of eminence may be invited by the Governing Council to becorne an honorary member of the Association for any specified period or for life.

An honorary member of the Society may be invited to any meetings of the General Body but shall have no right to vote


Subscription for life membership shall be as decided from time to time by the AGM duly recommended by GCM(Central). The present subscription rates are as under:-

Fee, if any to be paid by Member lnstitr.rtions shall be fixed by the AGM and will be subject to review from time to time.