Air Veterans Association

Cessation of Membership

Air Veteran India being a distinguished organization for the air veterans honors every member equally with due respect. But we also need to lay down clear terms that will amount to the cessation of membership of any member.

A person shall automatically cease to be a member of the Association on his death.

On the Executive Committee (Central) passing a resolution that a member has acted in a manner prejudicial to the aims and objectives and reputation of the Association, the membership of such person shall stand terminated with effect from any future date stated in the resolution, and if no such date is so stated, from the date on which such resolution is passed, provided that before any such resolution is passed, the affected members shall be afforded an opportunity to show cause why he should not be expelled within 15 days of such notice.

The Executive Committee (EC) may also order the termination of membership of any person, if it is satisfied that:-

organisations which prevents such members from practicing their profession. Also those members rvho have given fraudulent information to house tax exemption or have filed false claims from State Govt for rewards for decorations or from IAFBA or any other welfare/rehabilitation agency like DGR, KSB etc. Also members who have been expelled by the Defence Co-operative Societies for unbecoming conduct of disruption of lawful activities, submitting false affidavits to obtain housing or house plot allotments or indulging in extraction of money with false promises and inducements and acts of similar nature.

Any member may resign fronr the membership of the society by giving a written notice to the Secretary at HO/BranchiChapter of not less than one month of his intention to resign. The resignation in such cases shall become effective from the date stated in the resignation or after the passage of 30 days trom the date of receipt of such notice by the Honorary Secretary, whichever is later, unless it is earlier revoked by the member by giving sufficient reason/s by delivering a written communication to the Secretary prior to ihe effective date"

ln case a person whose life-membership has been ternrinated or who has resigned such membership, may be required to pay the subscription again at the prevailing rates, if he/she subrnits an application for re-admission to life-membership subject to approval of application by the Executive Committee.