. AVA is a registered trade union currently with six hundred members.

It was conceived and put in place to protect the interests and welfare of Voice artists. Voice Artists were hitherto at the mercy of unscrupulous producers, when it came to payments. The Artists were also subjected to many unfair trade practices.

It is also affiliated to FWICE, ie. Federation of Cine Employees, which has a membership base of over 50,000.

This gives AVA a formidable presence in the Voicing Industry, as a body that cannot be taken lightly. Many members who were denied their hard earned money were given justice through the AVA.

Today with improved communications through group SMS, all of AVA's members can be informed of any urgent news alerts in a moment.

The Welfare wing of the AVA has group insurance for all its members. They also have a list of blood donors to help fellow members in emergencies.

But AVA is not all about work alone. AVA also organizes picnics and get together for it members. This gives the members a chance to socialize and become acquainted with one another and exchange notes.

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