Q-1. I wish to pursue Voice over as a career. However, I being new to the field, I am not certain whether I have what it takes to be successful. As I am a student I find the membership fee a bit steep for something I might not continue. Is there any Temporary membership for people like me?

If you are not sure about taking up voicing professionally, but wish to experiment with it, we recommend you take a Temporary membership which is valid for six months, and costs only Rs.1,500/- This is almost like a learners License. However, if you decide to take it up seriously later on, you can go for a permanent membership. But please have a valid membership card, temporary or otherwise if you are doing professional voicing.

Q-2. Is it necessary for me to carry my AVA ID when doing recordings?

Yes it is as necessary as carrying your driving license when driving.

Q-3. I am a member of AVA. I had done a Voice over for a client, but forgot to submit a bill. He has not paid me for over six months now. Can AVA help me recover my dues ?

Dear Member, Sorry! We can only help you if you have submitted an AVA approved format Bill duly filled in, and signed, by the client (Or client's representative) and your self. If you had a copy of such a bill, then AVA can proceed by the legitimate means. Please don't neglect the paperwork. Otherwise it is your word against his .

Q-4. What is the procedure for submitting a grievance
to AVA ?

AVA has printed forms that are available at the office for this purpose. You can visit the office on any working day between 2pm and 8pm and fill in this form. Your case will be taken up and due process will start the very next day.

Q-5. I have a payment dispute with a client. I have a copy of the bill duly filled and signed by both of us. However my membership dues are over due by only three months. Will AVA take up my case?

AVA can only take up your case if you have a valid membership.

Q-6. I had a dispute with a client, after which I became a member of AVA. Will AVA take up my case despite the fact that I was not a member at the time of doing the job?

Yes AVA will take up your case. But, you were not a member at the time of the job, but now are a member, it will be necessary for you to wait a mandatory period of six months before AVA takes up your case.

Q-7. I did a voice over for a client and submitted a bill. However when I enquired about the payment a week later I was told that the project was shelved and therefore no payment would be made. Am I entitled to my payment?

Yes you are certainly entitled to your payment. You have done the assignment and you should be paid your rightful dues regardless of what they decide to do with your work. AVA will certainly assist you in the recovery process.

Q-8. How do I become a member of AVA ?

The registration forms are available at the AVA office between 2 pm and 8 pm on working days.

In order to register, you will need the following:-

1.Three Passport size photographs

2. Proof of residence
Eg: Zerox of Electricity bill, Phone bill, ration card, Pan Card, driving license, or passport

The above documents and photographs should accompany the registration form, duly filled and signed by two members.

Fee Structure
For regular membership Total Rs 5,500/-
(ie..Rs.5,000 admission fees, Plus Rs.500/-towards Annual subscription).

Life time membership for New members = Rs. 15,000/-

Life time membership for Existing members Rs.10,000/-

Temporary member (Work Permit) Rs.1,500/- for 6 months.

Any person who has attained the age of 16 years & is engaged in the work of voicing as per Clause No.4 of this Constitution, can become a member of the Association, irrespective of cast, color, creed, language & sex. He / She should have completed a minimum of 6 jobs in the field(s) of Voicing at the time of filing of the Application for Membership. Such a person shall be proposed & seconded by any 2 existing Regular or Life members. Application for Membership must be made on the prescribed form of the Association. The Membership Scrutiny Sub-Committee reserves the absolute right to grant or refuse membership to any candidate without assigning any reason thereof & the decision of the Membership Scrutiny Sub-Committee shall be final. However, the formality of this procedure shall not be applicable for Honorary Members. Professional Voice Artists, who have not attained the age of 16 years may be granted Associate Membership of the Association & shall have access to facilities enjoyed by the Regular / Life Members, but shall not be allowed to Vote or Stand for Elections. Such Associate Members may be allowed to convert their membership to Regular / Life Membership after attaining the age of 16 years.

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